Frequently Asked Questions

Why should I buy an Outdoor / Indoor Pool Table?
The AKA Outdoor Pool Table is the first table to have a light surface for amazing evening play. This is a family friendly table, made with durable materials to withstand climate changes. No glues are used in manufacturing and the vinyl surface wipes down easily with soapy water or a mild general purpose cleanser and water. Rinse the table off with a garden hose if you like.
What happens if it rains?
No problem, the pockets have drain holes push the water with a cloth towards the pockets and let the water drain, you can dry the table with a cloth or wait a few moments for it to dry before playing. Have the urge to play immediately, use your leaf blower to dry it off. It is recommend when the table is not in use you do use your winter cover to cover the table.
Does the sun (UV rays) affect the table?
The vinyl surface will fade somewhat over time; however will not be noticeable as fading is consistent and very minor. Table should be placed in either full direct sunlight or completely shaded, if one portion is in the shade and the other in direct sun you may notice a slight fading from one side to the other.
What do I do if the cues were left outside overnight?
To avoid mushy tips you should store cues in a dry place overnight. Even the morning dew could affect the tips, however let the cues sit for a day and you can continue to use them. AKA has come out with a Chalkless Cue allowing the cues to remain outside or even play the table wet. (lights unplugged of course!)
Can I move my table to the garage or sunroom for the winter?
Of course the table is easily transportable from one desired play area to the next. In the cooler temperatures you may notice a flatter play off the rails. As the temperature rises the rails will come back to normal reaction. The key factor in reaction is to re-level the table to the environment and temperature it will be played.
Where do I store my table in the winter?
Place the winter cover on your table and your job is done. Tip: To avoid standing water on the table throughout rainy seasons, place children's swimming pool noodles under the cover. This will allow the water to drain and no standing water will be left on the cover. If you relocate, your table for storage make sure the table re-leveled.
Does the table require special playing balls?
No. Standard playing balls are used.
What do I do if my vinyl playing surface is breached?
The vinyl surface is very durable to normal playing activities. Avoid keeping sharp objects around your table. However, if the surface is breached, not to worry we can ship replacement vinyl and an upholsterer in your area can resurface your table. Contact us and we will guide you through the procedure.
Is the Outdoor / Pool Table wheel chair accessible?
Yes. The table is actually easier to maneuver around and the arms of the chair fit nicely allowing the player to get a closer shot. AKA developed the cue assist allowing physically challenged players assistance for those hard to reach shots and one-handed players. When not required the cue assist rests midway on the cue allowing the player the convenience and ease accessibility.
How much does the table weigh?
The table weighs approximately 315 lbs. and requires at least two people (four people ultimately) to transport it from one play area to the next.
What is a scrim playing surface?
The playing surface consists of a PVC vinyl with a textured (scrim) surface. Best described as the feeling obtained when you draw your fingernails along an outdoor window screen. This condition creates a friction between the ball and surface thus creating a grip for the ball.