About Us

Outdoor 8 Ball is redefining the game as you know it!

Our mission is to achieve the ultimate in providing quality entertainment that the whole family can enjoy twenty-four seven. Yes our tables and are lit for night time use. Outdoor 8 Ball is committed to developing products to withstand years of outdoor elements. Many of our Outdoor Pool Tables also used indoors are being enjoyed by numerous families, worldwide.

Every Outdoor 8 Ball Table comes complete with a play package, winter cover and is easily moved to your desired play area; lawn, patio, deck, and pool / spa side.

In addition to the durable materials that construct the table you will discover features never seen before. For example there are convenient rail grooves for cue stick placement (cue saver) on all of our products, a PVC vinyl surface which allows all spills to be easily wiped clean - water on the table is no longer a problem. Best of all no tools are required for leveling!

Outdoor 8 Balls products are durable, easily transportable and will remain your family friendly entertainment for years to come. Thanks for Cueing In!

Guy Robertson of AKA and Don Cherry enjoying an Outdoor 8 Ball Pool Table
Guy Robertson of AKA & Don Cherry enjoying an Outdoor 8 Ball Pool Table.
Don Cherry gives his thumbs up!