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Residential Pool Table Commercial Pool Table Rental Pool Table

As Seen on the Price is Right!

As seen on the Price is Right!

Outdoor 8 Ball received the privilege to be chosen for a featured prize in the show cases in 2012-2013 and once again in 2016-2017. We believe the decision to choose our Outdoor Pool Table was based on the unique design, high quality product and our greatest break through a "lit playing surface", complete with lit pockets and markers. Our Outdoor Pool Table allows customers, family and friends the joy of playing 24 / 7, day or night.

As a result of the success in supplying residential tables to the family market, we designed the "Commercial Outdoor Table" for the service and entertaining markets.

Outdoor 8 Ball now has tables located in all-inclusive resorts and hotels all over the world…. North America, South America, Europe, Asia and Australia just to name a few.

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